Health & Fitness

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Health & Fitness
Beauty, fitness, Health,
  • monthly revenue :£225,544
  • monthly net profit :£54,692
  • asking price :£1,531,387

This listing is for an Amazon FBA business package created in February 2016 in both the health & fitness and beauty niches. The included Amazon Seller Central accounts (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES) have 4 different brands within them, most of which have both Amazon Brand Registry and UK trademarks for the 12 included SKUs. Each brand also has its own WordPress site. There is good year on year growth for this business and low hours required of the Seller, thanks to most of the tasks being outsourced.

The Seller is happy to go above and beyond with several hours of Skype calls, and a potential consultancy agreement to support the Buyer. The business has 2 VAs, one from India and one from the Philippines. They share the responsibility of customer service, commenting on reviews and seller feedback and tracking returns and refunds. The Seller has not disclosed the sale yet but is sure that the VAs would want to continue. Product photography, product detail page sales copy, and packaging design are also outsourced.

Though several social media accounts have been set up, the Seller really only uses the social media pages for Facebook ads for launches and for some ongoing ads. No content is currently added. This is an opportunity for the Buyer. The Seller also sees an opportunity for an existing seller to use this business as a vehicle to launch their own listed products directly into the UK/EU market, with all VAT registrations in place.

*On top of the 12 included SKUS, several SKUs which are planned to be discontinued will be included in the sale at no extra cost

Sssets included in the sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • 12 SKUs
  • Amazon Seller Central accounts (One for US/CA, one for EU)
  • UK Amazon Marketing Services account
  • Amazon Web Services account (s3 storage)
  • Amazon Associates account (EU)
  • 4 branded WordPress sites
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Youtube)
  • UK trademarks
  • Professional accounts for tools

*Inventory is not normally included in the list price, further details can be provided to active depositors.

Work / skills required day by day

The Seller currently spends around 5-10 hours per week:

  • Managing team
  • Contacting suppliers for orders
  • Focusing on product launches
  • Ongoing optimization
Seller support includes

The Seller is willing to provide 6 hours of Skype calls and 3 months of email support for free and a consultancy agreement could be arranged for any further support that may be needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Reason for sale

The Seller wants to raise capital for their next business venture and release some capital to buy a house.

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