Health Equipment

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Health Equipment
  • monthly revenue :£195,237
  • monthly net profit :£68,131
  • asking price :£2,248,321

This listing is for an Amazon FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant), dropshipping, and Amazon FBA business created in January 2015 in the health equipment niche.  The business includes over 400 SKUs, most of which are dropshipped to customers. With diversified earning channels and traffic coming from about 55% organic, 20% direct, 20% paid, and 5% referral this trademark-branded business requires about 10 hours per week to maintain as it is.

From the over 400 SKUs, 95% are dropshipped to customers and sold via Amazon FBM, the branded website (using Shopify), Walmart, and eBay. The additional 5% of products are sent to Amazon for fulfillment (about 10 products) or shipped directly by the seller (1 product).

Over the course of 3 years, the sellers have identified some of the top sellers and purchased them in bulk for Amazon to fulfill via the Amazon FBA platform. The seller has decided to stock and ship one of the top selling products themselves to avoid oversized fees from Amazon. The new owner may wish to pay the fees and have Amazon handle this product if they choose. The Amazon Seller Central account is included in the sale of this business and is a part of the Amazon Brand Registry program.

The biggest opportunity for this business would be to add more product listings, utilizing the brand name for support. There is a Facebook page and YouTube channel set up for the business, but they aren’t a factor for traffic. The new owner may wish to incorporate these accounts into a social media marketing campaign.

Please note that an SEO company was hired for 6 months to grow the sites organic rankings. The service was stopped after the 6 months and now all efforts are concentrated on Adwords. The service was completely white hat doing regular outreach.

*This business may qualify for an SBA loan.

Sssets included in the sale

Included in the sale of this business are the domain, Dropbox folder with image content, social media accounts (Facebook and YouTube), Amazon Seller Central account, and a trademark for the brand. Walmart Seller Account, All domain emails and history, VPN Server.

Inventory is not included in the list price. Further details can be provided to active depositors.

Work / skills required day by day

The seller logs in daily to place orders, enter tracking numbers and answer customer questions and inquiries.

Seller support includes

The seller is willing to offer 90 days of email support and no limits on calls. Longer term can be negotiated.

Reason for sale

The seller is looking to move on to other projects and free up more cash flow to take on the projects.

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